How to create free trial discount coupons?

Question: How to create free trial discount coupons?


    Free trial coupons can be given to the customers for allowing them to try the membership for any specific time interval. Follow the below steps to create free trial discount coupons –

    Step 1. Go to the app dashboard and switch to tab Free Trial Coupons.


    Step 2. From the top-right corner of the screen, click button Add Coupons.



    Step 3. Create a discount coupon accordingly and Save.



    Step 4. A new field “Apply coupon” will appear in the form with the specific plan selected for the discount coupon.

    NOTE : If you are using the HTML code of the membership form then update the HTML code.


    NOTE : Information about the discount coupon can either be announced on the website or displayed with the form content.

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