How to install and setup Social Share app?

Question: How to install and setup Social Share app?


    Follow below steps to install and setup Social Share app:-

    Step 1. Go to Shopify app store and install Social Share Buttons and Popup app.

    Step 2. After installation click on app to open its dashboard. You will find following options to encourage customers to share your products on their Social profiles.

    1. Discount Popup for Share – You can create a Popup for Sharing the Store. User will get discount code once they share the page. Help
    2. Product Page Share Icon – Setup share icons on the product detail page. User will share the product and get discount code. Help
    3. Social Buttons – It allows you to add awesome sticky share buttons on your store pages. It will connect users with your social profiles. Help
    4. Thank you Page Coupon Code – Give your customers a discount code on thank you page, after sharing your products or store on social media. Help
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