How to set up discount for social share popup?

Question: How to set up discount for social share popup?


    Feature Overview

    1. Display Social Share popup

    2. The discount code will show to your customer when a customer shares your store to their social profiles.

    After having the discount code, your customer can avail discount while purchasing a product from your store.

    Follow below steps to create discount pop up for share.

    Step 1. Open add dashboard and click Discount Popup for Share

    Step 2. Update popup settings:

    Create display rules – You can set display rules when you want to show the sharing popup on your store.


    1. Set cart value – When a customer adds certain value in the cart that is equal, less or greater than some amount than your share discount popup will show to your customer.
    2. Set discount code – Insert the amount and discount code in the fields available in the app.
    3. Create discount codes

    Step 3. After creating discount codes in the app then you will able to enable app at your dashboard.

    Step 4. Update popup button settings:

    1. Insert button text and colour.
    2. Select Button position
    3. Select page, where you want to display social share popup.

    Step 5. You can also edit the display social share popup and discount code offer.

    Step 6. Check social media boxes that you want to show in your popup and click the save button.



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