How to Setup Countdown Timer?

Question: How to Setup Countdown Timer?


    Login to the application and create countdown timer bar with the help of designing and different theme available in the application.

    Directions –

    Step 1. Add new announcement bar from the dashboard.

    Announcement dashboard

    Step 2. Select the countdown timer button.

    Step 3. Add a new bar and update content as you show on your bar.

    Step 4. Choose the time zone that you are in and set start and end time in the field available in the app.

    Countdown timer dashboard

    Step 5. Customize your bar using the different option available in the application.

    Countdown timer style

    Step 6. Save and the bar will be shown on your store on the scheduled time that you have been set up in the app.

    After setting up the countdown timer at your store It will seem to be working like the below. If you find any kind of issue or have any query or concern, please feel free to contact us.

    Countdown timer bar


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