How to setup PayPal in Affiliate Shopify App?

Question: How to setup PayPal in Affiliate Shopify App?


    If you want to integrate with PayPal option, you have to upgrade your plan with the Professional version of the Affiliate application.

    Get the direction to the plan upgraded and integrate with the PayPal option in our application.

    Step.1 Open the application and go to the “Pricing“.

    Affiliate tier system

    Step.2 Upgrade your plan, If you have already upgraded your plan then directly go to the settings.

    Affiliate paypal setting

    Step.3 Go to the settings > First, create your PayPal account and get client Id and secret key.

    Affiliate Paypal settings

    Step.4 Set Client Id and Secret Key into this desired field.

    Affiliate paypal client Id

    Step.5 Update Settings

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