How to setup the free plan membership?

Question: How to setup the free plan membership?


    The Simple Recurring Membership App lets you protect your Pages, Collection, and Products so only your members can view the protected content.

    Directions –

    Step 1. Log into the app and select a plan for your member, If you want to create a free plan for your members than click on the +Add Free Plan.

    Step 2. Insert plan name and plan tag (Plan tag which reflects in your Shopify customer section.) Click next to proceed.

    Step 3. Setup the registration form which shows to your visitors who wants to become a member at your store.
    You can add or remove the field by Just drag and drop the field from the right bar.

    Step 4. Customize the email setting.

    Step 5. Add Rule – Its help you to show or hide the page from the member who subscribes to your store using the form you created.

    Suppose: You want to show only a dashboard of your website.

    Then click Show > page > dashboard and click save.

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