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Affiliates by AAAecommerce

  • Launch Affiliate Program in Minutes
  • Unique and Custom URL for Affiliates
  • Multilevel Affiliate Tracking & Assign different commission to different level of Affiliates

Track and manage Affiliates

With our Affiliate module, you can choose the commission type to be fixed or percentage and easily add the preferred rate.

Instagram Friendly - Codes

Now Affiliates can share the discount codes on Instagram to track their affiliate commission.

Multilevel Affiliate Tracking

The affiliate refers a link and gets a sign up. When the 2nd affiliate succeeds. Both he and the 1st affiliate get commission.

About Affiliate by AAAecommerce

Everything you need to run your own affiliate, referral and influencer program

Affiliate marketing is the fastest method to increase sales and explode your profits when selling products or services online. An affiliate program is an automated advertising system that will promote your products or services around the clock. Affiliates will join your system, promote your products and your website will get more traffic. Once customers come through the affiliate link and use the coupon codes, affiliates will get commissions based on a specific rate.


We have expertise in customized B2B solutions. If you are looking for any custom code solution as per your business and related to Affiliate or MLM Software then please contact us and we can provide you best solution on top of the features already available in this app.


In details, the standard version of Affiliate App helps you to:

Most Popular Features

  • Unique Affiliate Dashboard/URL for each affiliate
  • Instagram Friendly Discount Code Sharing
  • One-click Social Sharing to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc,
  • Bulk Email to Affiliates
  • Bulk payment by Paypal to Affiliates
  • Click and commission tracking in real-time


Set up commissions, discount and payout requirements

With our Affiliate module, you can setup the commission for the affiliates easily and it will apply on any purchase done through their affiliate User.

Instagram Friendly Discount codes

Now Affiliates can create discount codes and share with their friends on Instagram. Their commission will be tracked if order is placed using it.

Manage links and banners

If you want a website or blog to be your affiliates, banners and link will be the best choice. You can upload banners (image/flash) or create text links for your affiliates.

Manage Accounts Signed Up for Affiliate Program

You can easily add, remove, enable or disable affiliates and edit preferences in “Manage Account”.

Refer a Friends

If you want your own customers to become your affiliates, you can share links through email or social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) in the most convenient way.

Transaction management

It gives you the ability to access relevant information of an affiliate’s transaction like order number, products, commission and discount.

Pay affiliates By PAYPAL

In the admin panel, you can comfortably configure and control withdrawals of affiliate accounts by PayPal.

Multi-tiered commissions(MLM)

Your affiliates can recruit sub-affiliates and earn a percentage of what their sub-affiliates earn.

Direct Link

Affiliate Direct Link Tracking allows editing the format of normal affiliate link to be shorter and friendlier.

Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliates gets perfect dashboard to track their traffic and sales.They can generate their own affiliate URLs and banners to share with their audience.

Bulk Email to Affiliates

You can now send bulk email