Product Customizer


Product Customizer and Testimonial Forms by AAAecommerce

  • Product Customizer – Customize your products with additional fields
  • Testimonial – Collect from front with image and setup page on your store.
  • Newsletter Popup Integration with Mailchimp and Klaviyo

Product Customizer, Testimonial Form and Pop-Up Builder is a must have app for any Shopify store owner
who wants an easy to use, effective, and inexpensive tool to add this important feature.

Product Customizer Features

  • Create unlimited number of additional address fields.
  • Customers can fill in the fields during Product detail page.
  • Display the fields on the front end and receive with order.
  • Able to add an additional attribute from a variety of field types including Text field, text area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button, File Upload and Text Display.
  • Create Multiple forms and specify in which collection or product tag which form should show.
  • Show different fields on different Products

Testimonial Form Features

  • Create Testimonial Slider and grid with a submission form.
  • Manually add testimonials and showcase on store.
  • Collect testimonials from customers from frontend form and show/hide them from admin easily.
  • Photo upload feature added in the app. Show Testimonials on your site using original photographs sent by customers.

Custom Popup Form Features

  • Easily add a custom pop-up to your website in a few clicks.
  • Create the exact pop-up fields with our easy to use Form builder.
  • Choose from a bunch of stunning pre-designed pop-up templates.
  • Save all Data in admin for each form and you can export in CSV.
  • Save as a customer or Integrate with Mailchimp and Klaviyo.
  • Remove or temporarily hide your pop-up at any time.
  • Looks great on desktop and mobile websites.

Easy to create from FORM BUILDER

Our drag and drop form builder requires no programming knowledge. It requires only your imagination and a few clicks. Easily create a pop-up from scratch by using editor having Fields, Radio Button, File Upload and many other options.

Desktop and mobile pop-ups.

All our popup forms are fully responsive and work fine on any device you use.