Form Builder


Custom Form Builder With File Upload(Upto 2GB)

Advance Custom Forms Like Multi Step-Conditional Logic,
Wholesaler Form ,Donation Form & Much More.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Drag and Drop Form Builder. No limitation on Number of Fields in Form. File Upload Feature with Form. Export Form in CSV

Email Alerts Features in Form

Email confirmation to multiple Admin and Customers on Form Submission. Redirect to Any Page after Submission. Design HTML email templates.

Registration & Wholesale Form

Design Custom registration form. Customers can easily edit there Profile Form. Add Auto Tags to the customers based on Submission.

About Form Builder + Registration


On few clicks, you can easily create any form you need with file upload option, multiple emails receiver, custom fields, mailchimp / klaviyo integrate and payment with Stripe and Conditional Logic.

Forms With Image/File Upload Options. (UP TO 2GB ), Drag & Drop Forms, Conditional Logic Form.

Advance Custom Forms Like Multi Step – Conditional Logic, Wholesaler Form, Order Form, Donation Form, Registration Form & Much more.

Advanced Customer Data Reporting. Customize your Email Auto Responder and email Notifications in Form.


  • CUSTOM FORMS WITH FORM BUILDER – Use our user-friendly form builder and you can create any kind of custom form with any number of fields and upload file/image option.
  • CUSTOM REGISTRATION FORM – Design your own custom registration form with any number of fields and replace it with Shopify default form.
  • CUSTOMER PROFILE UPDATE OPTION – Customers can easily edit there profile using our app. Once they register then they can easily change there fields value from there account.
  • STICKY FORM – Design nice Sticky form on the side of the page. It will be very handy for requirement gathering from any location of the website.
  • CONTACT FORM – Get pre-designed contact form templates and setup easily on any page. All data of this form is stored in admin and you can easily export any time.
  • GROUP FORM – Get multiple forms in a tab and send Inquiry related to the department.
  • DONATION FORM – Create an Awesome Donation form to collect donation on your store.

Exclusive Features of APP:

1. Conditional Logic For Fields / Emails

Show/Hide Fields based on the value filed by user. Send Email to Team member based on the value of any specific field.

2. Step Form

Now Create Steps in the form easily and create it after any specific field.

3. Email Auto Responder

Automatically send custom emails to your users.

4. Admin Email Notification

Send custom emails to the admin after form is submitted. Add multiple Emails as receiver or with field logic also.

5. Save Form Entry

All Submitted Forms are saved in dashboard.

6. Export Entries

Export all your Form entries to CSV in one simple Click.

7. Hidden Fields

Use hidden fields for static or dynamic values.

8. SMTP (On request)

You may want your SMTP server to send your emails . We can enable this option without any additional cost.

9. HTML Form

You have option to get the html code of the form and you can easily edit anything you want on the form.

10. Redirect After Submission

You can redirect your users to a specified URL after a form is submitted.

11. Customer Tagging

Add Tags to the customers based on the form they Submit.

12. Form Values in Reply Email

You can add “{form-values}” short-code on email to received all entries.

Integrates with

mailchimp, klaviyo, stripe