Loyalty Plus


Loyalty Referrals and Reward Points by AAAecommerce

  • Effective Rewards program, Referral program, and Email capture for Shopify stores.
  • Create rules (visiting store, account setup, buy X get Y and many more ) and automatically assign points to customers.
  • Refer a friend module to boost referral sales on your store.

Increase Customer Engagement

Engage your customers and offer them points for Visit, Social share, Registration and Purchase etc. to Increase sales.

Offer Reward Points

Reward For every activity on store. Give Discount codes, Free Shipping, Free products and Easy On Cart Point Redeem to customers.

Refer A Friend

Give points to customers when they refer there friends and when they do purchase on your store. make them your Affiliates to sale on store.

About Loyalty Referrals and Reward

  • Give customers reasons to become loyal and come back to your store
  • Effective Rewards & Referral program, and Email Capture for Shopify stores.
  • Make customers feel cared about – give points on special occasions

Thank customers for shopping at your store and performing advantageous actions by giving them Reward points.

Encourage users' activity to let them feel that making purchases is beneficial.

  • Reward users for Registration, Visiting Website, Purchases etc.
  • Manually add or deduct points from Customers
  • Pay for orders with points fully or partially
  • Set points exchange rate
  • All actions are already configured

Reward Your Customers For the Below Activities they do on the website –

Encourage Visitors to Register

Collecting customer info helps to find personal approach and spend less money on promotions.

Order Completed

Stimulate customers spend more at your store by letting them understand that the more they spend the more they return. Add points after customers complete orders

For every $X spent

This is an additional action, which adds points for every $X amount spent in one order. It helps to increase average order amount, for example give 10 points for every $50 spent in one order.

Customer birthday

Surprise customers on their birthdays – give them small presents. Add points to their accounts on birthdays. The rule works only once a year for a client.

Refer A Friend

Give points to customers when they refer there friends and when they do purchase on your store. Give Discount Coupon to each customer for referring and encouraging there friends to buy.

Advance Loyalty, Reward and Referral program to increase more traffic and sales.

Easy to Use

In just one click, we’ll get you up and running with a program that rewards customers for purchasing, referring, and creating a store account.

Offer Rewards

Offer rewards to customer for the points they have Earned.

Advance Customer Analytics

Get a detailed insight of your customers and check there Loyalty metrics.

Awesome Notifications

Notify your customers about the loyalty program, ask them to sign up, and remind them whenever they have enough points to redeem for a reward.

Custom Design Panel

Customize and apply your own design principles to the look and feel of your loyalty program. Apply your brand’s aesthetic on both desktop and mobile. If you need help, we’re here for you.