​How to filter reviews by star rating and date?

Question: ​How to filter reviews by star rating and date?


    The Eggviews shows all your product and site reviews. It will include a summary rating, review publish or unpublish, Date Range, Status of rating to filter your reviews. There are multiple ways to modify and see your reviews using filters. Want to read a review? Use our Filter reviews tool to sort and show reviews by their star rating and Date of posting.

    Filter reviews by their star rating.

    Go to the product reviews dashboard.

    This lets you perform a more targeted search to find out what customers like about a company (5-star reviews) or what they’d like to see improved (1 and 2-star reviews).

    To filter reviews follow these steps:

    1. Search for the company whose reviews you want to read.

    2. On the Reviews page, click on the date range, and select the star rating you want to see. 1 star is the lowest rating and 5 stars are the highest.

    Here, you can see multiple options to filter your reviews. If you need any further kind of assistance, please feel free to reach us.

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