Main features we must use from the app?

Question: Main features we must use from the app?


    Social Sharing App is a complete app for driving social shares and new traffic to your Store. Boost social traffic by providing a discount to each customer on product or store sharing and reduce cart abandonment by providing a discount on the share.

    You can increase more conversion by providing discount coupons on the cart and on any limited purchase of the products which helps to reduce Abandon cart.

    Social share & discount popup:  You can ask customers to share the product as soon as they add it to the cart. It will offer them a discount which is intended for them to apply on the cart and purchase the product. Also when they share, it will be shared on their social profile. It will tremendously increase the traffic on your store. It shows more loyalty and trust if your friend recommends a store to you.

    Share Icon on product detail page:  You can add the nice share icons on the product page. You can add below product images or below add to cart button which reminds customers to share this product and get the discount code.

    Sticky social Icon on the store: It allows you to add awesome sticky share icons on your store sidebar. It will boost traffic on social profiles and increase likes and sharing.

    Share discount code on the thank you page: You can share a discount code with your customer for their next purchase on your store


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