Lookbook - Shoppable Image Galleries

  • Create beautiful Lookbook Galleries and link products on images to make it Shoppable. Slideshow, Grid, Masonry and List display styles available.
  • In this Lookbook, You can TAG or LINK your store products on the images in a few clicks. Easy to customise and configure.
  • Direct Add to Cart feature is there which shows the cart options on Lookbook page itself in popup window. It reduces an extra step to checkout.

Shoppable Lookbooks with Product Hotspots

Lookbook is an interactive way to showcase your products to the customers that can enhance
their shopping experience. By using this app, You can tag or link your products on the
Lookbook images which will show the products on images at frontend in hotspot view.

You can also use your Mobile Camera
to Upload photos to the Lookbook Image Galleries.

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Some of the Shopify Stores Using our Lookbook App

The Printable Concept
Surf Side Supply
Apparis Store

Multiple Display Styles To Choose From


Prominent Features

  • MULTIPLE IMAGE GALLERIES: Easily create multiple galleries from this app and showcase on your site anywhere.
  • BULK IMAGE UPLOAD: Upload multiple images in single click by bulk image upload system. Save much time and efforts.
  • PRODUCT TAGGING SYSTEM: Tag Multiple Products on a image and redirect users to product page.
  • 100% MOBILE RESPONSIVE: Full Responsive and work perfectly on all Mobile and Ipad Devices
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE Customize the gallery layout and design easily as per your store's branding and colors. No coding required. Even if you want to add your own css, we have a custom css option as well.
  • IMAGE SORTING: Drag and Drop image rearrangement feature to sort images quickly
  • Tag your products easily on images without any hazzle. You can tag or link multiple products on the images.
  • DIRECT BUY FEATURE: Add products to cart directly from lookbook images hotspots. Users can click on Shop Now button on images in lookbook and add products to cart.
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY STYLES: Show in grid view, list view, Masonry and slideshow style
  • Change images, products easily. Add captions to images
  • Easy to use interface and quick setup.

Why Lookbook?

Customers always like to see multiple products being shown on a single image instead of 1 image per product. So its better to showcase your products on single images by tagging them. Lookbook is an engaging feature for your store specifically for Fashion and Apparel stores.

Engaging features in store can play important role in increasing the conversion rate, so it can be that engaging feature for your store.

Reviews by the our Users

“The app is exactly what I’ve been looking for customer pics and testimonials. Looks professional and the bulk upload makes things so much quicker and easier. I love the reorganising feature which allows you to juggle pics around after you’ve uploaded. Good support too.”

“Awesome App! Exactly what we needed to complete our new site. I would recommend it to anyone looking to craft a great shopper experience with a lookbook.”

“Great app that allows you to share different galleries of photos on your Shopify store. Would definitely recommend this app to a friend if they want to make their store stand out and be different.”

“Excellent customer service, they were very responsive and helped me out immediately with any questions or issues. The gallery displays the images in high resolution which is an important feature especially when selling high end products. Overall excellent app!”

Changelog / Latest Updates

  • Direct add to cart feature added in app.
  • Increased bulk image upload size limit to 40mb.
  • Added custom url option so you can add external link on image.
  • Enhanced design of image tagging system.
  • Added drag n drop image upload system.