Shop By Instagram


Shop by Instagram - The Instagram Shoppable Feed

  • Shoppable instagram app that Allow buyers to add products to Cart directly from your Instagram photos as shown in your Shoppable Feed on store.
  • Create unlimited hashtag galleries and make them Shoppable easily. Give your customers a new shopping experience with Instagram Shop.
  • Create a product page Instagram Feed Gallery to show only those Instagram pics, which has the current product tagged. Turn Instagram feed Into Traffic and Sales by making it Instagram Shop or Shoppable Instagram Feed.

Shoppable Instagram Gallery App - Trusted by 4000+ Stores

Shop by Instagram app allows you to create Shoppable Instagram galleries that
you can showcase on your store and that gallery will have store products tagged on the Instagram photos.

Your Instagram followers and site visitors can easily buy products from the Instagram Photos
shows there which they may saw on Instagram app as well. Its one of the most effective way to help
customers find the products shown on your Instagram photos.

New Feature Launch Announcement

  • Now your customers can add products to cart directly from Instagram photos, without navigating to product details page.
    It will open cart window on same place when someone clicks on Shop Now button in Instagram Feed pics.
  • Hashtag galleries can be created now using this app easily.
  • Product page gallery option – Now you can show Shoppable Instagram feed under each product and that will show only those photos which has the current product tagged in it. An amazing feature to have on site.
  • Create Unlimited Shoppable galleries now. Previously only 1 gallery was there, now we added multi gallery feature.


This app will show a Shoppable Instagram feed on your store itself. Please dont get confused about showing products on Instagram directly as that is not possible by any Shopify app. You have to visit this page here to sell on Instagram:

Again, this app will show a shoppable feed on your store, see examples in our app listing page.

So Easy to Setup in Few Clicks

[cq_vc_todolist header=”” headercolor=”#ffffff” headerbackground=”” isclickable=”no” icon_fontawesome=”” itembg=”border” containerwidth=”100%”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=”Install the App – Make sure you try it for atleast 21 days as its Free till 21 days.”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=”Connect Your Instagram Account by using Login Button in app.”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=”Tag/Link your products on Instagram Photos in app.”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=”Create more galleries by using @username or hashtags to find more images.”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=”Use one click install or embed code to add gallery on your site or any wherever you want it to be shown.”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=” Add the link of Shop by Instagram page in your Instagram profile bio section so followers can reach this page.”][cq_vc_todolist_item listicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-caret-right” iconcolor=”#004bc1″ listcontent=” Now your customers font have to search the products in store which they see on your Instagram account or photos. Its super easy for them now.”][/cq_vc_todolist]


  • Hashtag Gallery – Create shoppable feed or show Instagram photos by using hashtags easily. It will allow you to create a fanreel as well.
  • Direct Buy System – Your customers can add products to cart directly by clicking on Shop button on the Instagram photos in feed.
  • Multiple Galleries Creation – Create unlimited galleries using this app to show on each of your products separately or on separate pages.
  • Select products to be linked on the Instagram photos so that your customers can navigate to the products tagged in those photos.
  • Multiple display options – Slideshow & Grid
  • Add the Shoppable feed anywhere in site
  • Analytics feature to track the clicks and views on the Shoppable feed
  • Multiple customization options. Customize the Call to action button text and colors as well.
  • Mobile responsive layout.
  • Tag multiple products on the image and it will be shown as hotspots on frontend in popup style. All tagged products will be shown with shop now buttons as well.
  • You can use it as a Lookbook as well. Create an Amazing Social Lookbook with Shoppable feature.
  • Increase the conversion rate as customers can easily purchase the products shown in your Instagram feed.

We have created a very simple user interface that will allow you to fetch your Instagram photos
in the app admin panel and then you can simply select them and link the products per image.

Why Instagram feed?

An Instagram feed can be a good tool for your site to engage customers by showing them the photos directly from your Instagram profile. Instagram has become one of the most important marketing channel these days so its important to leverage the benefits of your Instagram traffic by showing real authentic photos on your Shopify store.

Above that, you can even tag products on the Instagram photos so that people can directly buy from it instead of searching those products in store which leads them to exit from store if they cant find it.

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