FAQ’s Recurring Membership App on Shopify

Question: FAQ’s Recurring Membership App on Shopify


    Q.      How can we install your app?

    == You can install it from the Shopify app store here – https://apps.shopify.com/recurring-membership

    Q.      Does your app support quarterly and yearly plans?

    == Yes, you can create monthly, quarterly, yearly, or even daily membership plans.

    Q.     Does your app work with using Shopify Payments together with the alternative Stripe? 

    == We only support PayPal and Stripe.

    Q.     Does your app work with PayPal?

    == Yes, you can connect to the Paypal payment gateway.

    Q.     Does your app have built-in functionality to handle dunning? How?

    == Yes if payment is failed from the payment gateway, we automatically track, send reminders and cancel the membership.

    Q.     What additional fees do you charge (except for the monthly recurring)?

    == We have fixed fees based on the number of members. No additional Fee.

    Q.      Can I send a manual confirmation email with custom text to members using the app? 

    == Email marketing is automatic in the app. For more advanced email marketing, you can install this app – https://apps.shopify.com/aitrillion

    Q.     Does the app include that one can add a custom field to the registration form?

    == Yes you can add custom fields in the membership form easily.

    Q.     And, is the data for this custom field added to the Shopify customer registry?

    == Yes the data is saved in customers’ profiles.

    Q.     And, is the data included in customer overview windows as a column in a table? 

    == It shows in a column in the app admin and you can export it in CSV. 

    Q.     And, can the customer registry be exported to Excel with this custom field included?

    == Yes.

    Q.     Is your app integrated with Shopify admin?

    == Yes it’s integrated into Shopify admin like all other apps.

    Q.    Using your app, when customers login can they then handle everything about the membership themselves, change their member info plus card info? 

    == They can update the profile details and card details.

    Q.     Does your app have dedicated functionality to handle memberships and not only product subscriptions?

    == Yes it’s dedicatedly for membership. We do have features for recurring orders also. You can select the products which can be automatically ordered on the recurring renewal of membership.

    Q.    How does the billing cycle work if the fixed date charging feature is enabled and the monthly subscription began mid-month

    == Charges will be taken on a pro-rated basis. The billing cycle will be as per the fixed date charging feature set. Please refer to this article for more details. 

    Q.     Can we do email marketing or automatic workflows for the members?

    == Yes you can install this app – https://apps.shopify.com/aitrillion and we have full integration with them. You can do email marketing and set up automatic workflows for the members.


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