How does membership discount coupon works?

Question: How does membership discount coupon works?


    Discount coupons can be shared with the customers for allowing them to try the membership subscription. Follow the below steps to create membership discount coupons –

    1. Go to the Membership Subscription app dashboard and create a new paid plan if doesn’t exist.

    2. Now, navigate to the Discount coupons page and click on the Create discount coupon button.

    Here, coupons have the following parameters:

    1. Discount Coupon Name
    2. Discount Code
    3. Discount Value
    4. Discount Type (Percentage or Fixed Amount)
    5. Discount Duration (Once, Forever, or Repeating)
    6. Currency
    7. Redeem By (UTC) – Set an expiration date of the coupon.
    8. Select plan – Choose the plan name for that the coupon can apply to.


    For the discount duration, when using the value repeating, it also requires the duration in months for which the coupon should repeatedly apply. Otherwise, the coupon can be set to apply only to a single invoice(once) or to them all (forever).

    The redeem by value apply to the coupon across every customer you have. For example, you can make a coupon expire by a certain date. If you set a coupon to last forever when used by a customer but have it expire on January 1st, any customer is given that coupon will have that coupon’s discount forever, but no new customers can apply the coupon after January 1st.

    3. Fill all the required fields accordingly and save it.

    4. After this, if you are using the form embed code then the Apply coupon field will automatically appear in the form. If you are using the form HTML code then you will have to replace it with the newly generated HTML code of the plan and the Apply coupon field will appear.



    NOTE – The membership discount coupons cannot be created for FREE PLANS.


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