How to setup restricted page?

Question: How to setup restricted page?


    The collections, pages, blogs, product price and add to cart button can be restricted for members and non-members. For this, proceed to create a new plan in the app and then in the “Plan Rule” tab, you can add rules for restrictions.

    The work ethic of rules are-
    If you want to hide any collection from all other customers except current plan members than add a condition like –

    Show → Collection/Pages/Blogs/Price/Cart button → Choose Collection/Page/Blog

    If you want to show any collection to all other customers except current plan members than add a condition like –

    Hide → Collection/Pages/Blogs/Price/Cart button → Choose Collection/Page/Blog

    Let us understand by below example –

    I created rules as “Show Membership subscription page” only to subscribed members(will be hidden from non-members) and “Hide Clothing & Decor collection” from subscribed members(will be visible to non-members). Once the customer subscribes for the membership and signs in to the Shopify site then he will be able to access the restricted pages i.e., Membership subscription page.


    NOTE –

    1. Any additional liquid code installation is not required for showing/hiding the collections, pages, and blogs. But if you are trying to hide the Add to cart button or product price then the liquid installation is required. Refer the 3rd step for guidance in the article here – Setup membership app

    2. Any additional sign-in page is not managed through the app. Subscribed customers are registered to Shopify store and they can easily sign in using the basic Shopify sign in page.

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