How to setup the wishlist on product collection page?

Question: How to setup the wishlist on product collection page?


    You need to copy the code {% include ‘aaa_wishlist_grid’ %} and paste It in your product theme for having a wishlist option on your product collection pages.

    Follow this Instruction to set up the wishlist Icon on your product collection page.

    Step 1. Go to the Shopify app dashboard and navigate Online store button > Click Themes.

    Step 2. Click edit code and find all the files below in the search box then Insert this {% include ‘aaa_wishlist_grid’ %} code.

    1. product-item.liquid
    2. product-thumbnail.liquid
    3. product-grid-item.liquid
    4. product-block.liquid
    5. product-images.liquid
    6. product-loop.liquid
    7. product-swatch.liquid

    Step 3. Under Snippets look for any of the above files and If present and click to open the file in an editor.
    Search for the term “price” and If found, add the following code snippet near the closing </p> or </span> tags.

    Step 4. Click save, Now when you click on any product collection on your store. You will find an Icon on the page for adding a product to your wish list.

    Preview –

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