How to track redeemed voucher codes?

Question: How to track redeemed voucher codes?


    Here you can track the customer activity which performed through a loyalty program.
    You need to log in the application and visit active member page, form this dashboard you can identify the previews activity performed by the user and find the total points earned by the customers according to the specific period of time.

    Loyalty plus customer rewards

    Here’s the option available in the application:

    1. You can remove and give point to the user directly.

    2. You also have an option to block the user.

    Using the dashboard you can find the number of points received or redeemed by the user. When you come down to the dashboard you can also check the order’s details submitted by the customer. If you have any question or need any kind of assistance please contact us and our team will be delighted to help you out.

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