Instruction to use affiliate app step by step on Shopify store

Question: Instruction to use affiliate app step by step on Shopify store


    Affiliate Login and sign up page

    New affiliates can sign up from this page and existing affiliates can log in to their Affiliate Dashboard to monitor their progress and share their affiliate link.


    The Affiliate Dashboard

    Affiliates can track their own progress in real-time via their Affiliate Dashboard. So that they can monitor their current clicks, leads, and conversions. Using the referral Url, you can create your child affiliate who can help you in selling a product and earn more commission. You can also request your payment using the option available next to the referral link


    Payment Request

    In the payment request section, you can check your payment history and an amount earned through your affiliate.

    Using the referral affiliate and customer, you can be identifying the number of child affiliates and the number of customers becomes referral using your shared URL.


    In the resource section, you can create a product affiliate link and share with your affiliates or referral customer and earn a commission. Here’s the process of creating a product referral link.

    1. Go to the resource section.

    Here, you will find two options

    A. Create Affiliate Resources
    B. Create an Affiliate URL

    Click Affiliate Resources

    a. Choose the product image that you want to show your referral customer.
    b. Copy product link from the website and paste in the resource link.
    c. Type resource content that helps you to get the attention of your referral customer


    4. After successfully created a resource link, you will find your product referral link and embed code of your product in the box.

    a. Get Code: Using this code, you can promote referral product onto your website.
    b. Get URL: In this code, you can directly share the product link with your connections.

    If someone goes to the product and buys it using the promotion bar that you uses onto your website or direct link, you will get a commission and It will reflect on your dashboard.

    You can create an affiliate link of any of the product and share with your connection and earn commission easily.

    Create an Affiliate URL

    Using this option, you can convert any product of the store into your affiliate link. That you would share with your friends and other connections.


    If you have any question or suggestion you can directly reach your store owner. Go to help and send an enquiry.

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