Main features we must use from the app?

Question: Main features we must use from the app?


    Loyalty app is one of the best ways to increase your store sales. Through this app, you can engage your customers and offer them points for Visit, Social share, Registration and Purchase etc. to Increase sales. You can easily show your store offer or a discount to connect with your customers and let them know about an offer that you want to give to your loyal customers.

    Loyalty App offers the following features:

    A feature-Loyalty app that helps you to show offer with zero trouble.

    Offer Reward Points: Reward For every activity on the store. Give Discount codes, Free Shipping, Free products and Easy On Cart Point Redeem to customers.

    Refer A Friend: Give points to customers when they refer their friends and when they do purchase on your store. make them your Affiliates to sale on the store.

    Surprise customers on their birthdays: Give them small presents. Add points to their accounts on birthdays. The rule works only once a year for a client.

    Get Custom Design Panel With Loyalty Rewards: Customize and apply your own design principles to the look and feel of your loyalty program.

    Get Awesome Notifications With Loyalty Referral Reward: Notify your customers about the loyalty program, ask them to sign up, and remind them whenever they have enough points to redeem.

    Advance Customer Analytics With Loyalty Referral Reward: Get a detailed insight of your customers and check their Loyalty metrics.

    Reward your customer loyalty points for every $X spent: Add points for every $X amount spent in one order. It helps to increase the average order amount, for example, give 10 points for every $50 spent in one order.

    Loyalty points for completing an order on your website: Entice customer to spend more at your store by letting them understand that the more they spend the more they return. Add points after customers complete orders.

    Reward your customers for Social share and Following: By rewarding them loyalty points Give points when customer share and Follow your Business Social profiles.

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