Referrals: Engage and acquire

Question: Referrals: Engage and acquire


    Don’t just try & sell yourself, Let you loyal customers market for you.
    Loyalty Plus gives you an option to refer your customer friend to earn rewards by using your website because your customers know their customers need better than you. Let your customers refer with friends and family towards your business.

    It also helps you to increase customer engagement with your customer to give a reward to them in different ways. When your customer purchase product from your store. you can reward them with the following options.

    1. Money off
    : A fixed amount off on customer’s entire order (e.g. $5 off)
    2. Percentage Discount:  A percentage discount off on customer’s entire order (e.g. 5% off)
    3. Free Shipping: Provide Free Shipping Codes on a specific amount of points.
    4. Free Product(voucher):  Give any product free on specific amounts of points of the customer
    5. Product Discount(voucher):  Give X% off on any product, on any specific points redeem.
    6. Cart Widget Settings: Choose the points are equal to $1 while points conversion into discount cart page.

    Install the Loyalty referral and rewards point from the Shopify app store and give a chance to your loyal customer to market for you.

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