Where to add product property form code?

Question: Where to add product property form code?


    As product property form is used to take some additional values from users before adding any product to the cart. These values can be later used/seen by the store owner along with the order details.

    Follow the below steps to set up the form –

    Step 1.

    Log in to Shopify store and go to Apps > Product Options + Testimonials app.

    Step 2.

    Either create a new product property form then copy its embed code or copy the code of any existing form.



    Step 3.

    From Shopify Admin, go to the Online Store > Themes > Actions(Published Theme) > Edit Code



    Step 4.

    Open file product-template.liquid under Sections and search for a keyword “endform“. Paste the copied code before it.

    NOTE – In some themes, form code can be found in file product-form.liquid under Snippets or elsewhere the form product form has been placed.



    Step 5.

    Save the file and form can be seen at the product page.


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