How push notification works?

Question: How push notification works?


    Push notification sends to those customers, who becomes a subscriber onto your store by allowing itself to receive notification from your website. When a customer registers itself as a subscriber, you can send them a notification and updates an about an offer or product abandoned by them.

    Types of  Push notification –

    1. Manual Push – Send push to all subscribers.

    2. Welcome Push – You can set the timer using this push notification and send to your all subscribers.

    3. Super Push – You can schedule push notification to send your customer at a different time.

    4. Back in stock – You can set a timer to send a notification whenever your stock will fill up next time.

    5. Price Drop Alert – It helps your customer to send the notification, whenever you drop your product price from your end.

    6. Abandoned cart push – It notifies the customer, whenever they abandoned a product into the cart.

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