How to Set up Announcement Bar?

Question: How to Set up Announcement Bar?


    Announcement bar provides you with a different type of bar, where you can use these bar on your website and enhance the opportunity to attract more customers and increase your customer engagement.

    How to add an announcement bar?

    Step 1. Add new announcement bar from the dashboard.

    Welcome to web push and announcement bar

    Step 2. Select the announcement bar to add from the dashboard.

    Step 3. Select the bar template.

    Announcement bar dashboard

    Step 4. Update text and schedule bar, If you want to schedule a bar for the future.

    Schedule announcement bar

    Step 5. Update style configuration.

    Announcement bar style configuration

    Step 6. Click Save, your announcement bar will automatically set up at your store that seems to be like the screenshot below.

    Announcement bar

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