How to update sales motivator bar without re-loading the page?

Question: How to update sales motivator bar without re-loading the page?


    Sales motivator helps you to generate more sales to show offer to your customer, Now using the sales motivator bar you can update the offer without redirecting your customer to the cart page, Follow Instruction below to have an assistance step by step.

    Directions –

    Step 1. Go to the Shopify dashboard.

    Step 2. Select Online store > Actions > Edit code.

    Step 3. You need to Insert this aaa_announce_ajax_cart class into your store theme.

    Step 4. Find product-template.liquid file then finds AddToCart in the code.

    Step 5. Navigate slider to the end and Insert copied code over there, Save update.

    Step.6 Follow the same process and Insert the copied class in product-card-grid.liquid file. Skip this step if you are using the “Venture” theme in your store.

    After having these changes at your store, you will find sales motivator bar works very smoothly and show remaining value which needs to add in the cart for avail the discount offer.

    Preview – For getting free shipping, a customer has to buy a product more than $100

    Add this product to the cart and the bar will show you the changes without redirecting to the cart page.

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