Main features we must use from the app?

Question: Main features we must use from the app?


    Announcement app is one of the best ways to increase your business sales. Through this app, your customer can get a notification and offer without any hassle. You can easily show your store offer or a discount for a limited time that helps you to connect with your customers and let them know about an offer that you want to give to your loyal customers.

    Announcement app offers you the following features:

    A feature-Announcements app that helps you to show offer with zero trouble.

    Announcement Bar: Create Multiple Bars and place them anywhere on the page. Add Effects on a bar like Rotating Text, Blink etc.

    Web Push Notification: Retain store visitors & convert them to subscribers. Send announcements even when the customer is NOT in your store.

    Countdown Timer: Added Start and End Time Option. Schedule Timer from start date to the complete time. Create Multiple Timers Easily.

    Sales Motivator Bar: Add-on Add To Cart & Checkout pages for motivating customers to buy more with Upsell Offer Announcement & guaranteed up sell with an increase in conversion rates with easy Sales Marketing.

    Cookies Bar: The Cookie Bar plugin creates a small bar at the bottom of the website with a short customizable message about cookies and accepts button. Once a visitor has accepted the Cookie Bar, then disappears.

    MailChimp Bar: By default, the bar will only ask your visitor for their email address, resulting in extremely high conversion rates. It is, however, possible to add more fields to the bar, but keep in mind this will decrease the effectiveness of the bar & cause the bar to take up more screen space.

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