How to install and setup Sales Booster app?

Question: How to install and setup Sales Booster app?


    It’s very easy to install Sales booster app on your store. You don’t need any technical skills to set up the app.
    Follow the instruction below to have this application.

    Step 1: Go to the Shopify app store and Install BOGO + Product Recommendations, sales booster app.

    Step 2: After installing 4in1 BOGO app in your store. You will find these 4 offers on the app dashboard that will help you to boost your sales.

    1. BOGO Offer & Discount: Bogo Offer helps you to set the offer on your store, Like buy X product and get Y product offers or discount codes shows on the checkout page. Help
    2. Recommended Products: Using this option you can show your customer their recent view products, new arrival products, trending products, collection-based recommendation and one to one product recommendation. Help
    3. Upsell Products: Upsell your products when a user adds a product to the cart. You can show similar products in popup based on the different unique conditions for each product. Help
    4. Sales Notification: Real-time and manual sales order notification popup on your store. Help
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